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Bioseed Probiotic products have been developed to provide turf managers with the ability to supply the precise nutritional requirements of both soil micro-biological systems and healthy plant growth

Bioseed Probiotic products are a blend of nutrients, enzymes, humic acids and biostimulants. To understand organic turf care is to understand that soil is a living, breathing thing which teams with billions of microbes on which not only turf depends but all life on earth. On the other hand, chemical based turf care, consciously or otherwise, regards soil as merely a root anchor and reservoir for chemicals. After the plant takes what it can from chemical fertiliser, toxic residues such as chlorides, formaldehydes, sodium and sulphides accumulate in the soil, further disrupting its health.Unfortunately, many turf managers practise "reactive" turf' care. If the turf is not green - apply fertiliser; weed problems - apply herbicide; fungal problems - apply fungicide; pests - apply pesticide; and so on and so on

Although this approach can be effective in the short term, there are many unseen reactions taking place as a result of these chemical treatments. Soil microbes are killed off, turf becomes weakened, soils get compacted, nutrients become depleted or unbalanced, root growth is stunted, thatch increased and so on. Eventually these conditions will need extra attention, often the solution chosen is more chemical treatment and the cycle continues in a downward spiral.

The Bioseed Probiotic approach to turf care focuses on prevention. Potential problems are headed off by only using those bio-organic nutrients and other organic materials that have a positive effect on the soil micro biological systems. Great emphasis is placed on the soil and its vitality. Feed the soil first and the plant will feed itself. The end result will be a healthier and more productive soil, which means a healthier and more attractive turf, and turf with deeper and more massive root system, one that is less problematic and one that will continue to improve while requiring less care and less money.

Bioseeds Soil and Tissue testing service provides detailed information on the nutrient status of both soil and plant, soil pH, organic matter and humus content. Based on test results Bioseed will recommend bio-organic nutrient feeding programmes to meet the needs of both soil and plant.