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Agronomy visits being subsidised
by the R & A


Last year the R & A , as part of its role in improving the facilities for golf, instigated a pilot scheme with the Welsh Golfing Union inviting it to submit the details of ten Golf Clubs which it felt would benefit from the receipt of agronomy advice. The ten Clubs chosen were ones that would otherwise be unlikely to afford such advice. The WGU, being keen to participate in this initiative, submitted nominations to the R & A. These in turn were passed on the STRI, who are their official agronomists, and they are conducting the advisory visits on their behalf.

These visits are now underway, with each Club receiving one visit per year for a three year period. The Clubs will also receive a written report with detailed recommendations after each visit. Richard Dixon, Secretary of WGU, stated that he was delighted with initiative the R & A are taking and he is sure it will benefit the selected Clubs. He further hoped that it will encourage other Clubs who do not currently take professional agronomic advice to consider doing so in the future.

Next year, the initiative is being extended to the Scottish Golf Union who are currently collating a list of twenty Clubs to receive this service. An extension to the scheme will be considered once reactions to the benefits of these initiatives have been evaluated.


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