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Environmental concerns affect all walks of human activity: domestic, corporate and recreational. Sport is no exception. At all levels from grassroots to professional tournaments, sport is inextricably connected with the environment in which it is practised.

Committed to Green is a voluntary Environmental Management Programme developed initially by the European Golf Association Ecology Unit. It has two primary purposes: to raise environmental awareness throughout golf and the sporting world generally, and to encourage high standards of environmental stewardship in the development and management of sports facilities and events.

Golf clubs and other sports facilities across Europe can now demonstrate their concern for the environment by participating in Committed to Green and achieving public recognition for environmental excellence. Three levels of certification offer an incentive to follow the successive steps of the programme. As clubs/facilities progress through the stages, they will address different environmental topics, including nature conservation, water resource management, pollution control and aspects dealing with waste, energy efficiency, education and communications. Full Committed to Green recognition will be based on a comprehensive Environmental Management Programme, in which the candidates clearly demonstrate significant environmental achievements. It is also expected that such commitment will be sustained on a long-term basis through continual improvement of environmental performance.