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Foot and Mouth Disease Precautions

All Golf Clubs must bear in mind the Government’s advice and keep away from livestock holding fields and farms. Where golf courses adjoin such areas these will be regarded as areas of potential difficulty.

Courses that cannot be contained within their own boundaries are at the greatest risk.Public footpaths that cross golf courses and neighbouring farmland or open spaces containing livestock should be temporarily closed off.

Where further precautions need to be taken :

  • entrances to Golf Club premises should to be reduced to one entrance and one exit.

  • a quantity of hay is to be obtained plus registered approved disinfectant.

  • a list of approved disinfectants is available on web-site

  • there are only three approved distributors of this disinfectant namely, Midi Chem 01732 763555; Forward Chemicals 0151 422 1010; G & R Leigh 01298 22725

  • All car tyres and footwear are to be disinfected every time a vehicle or a person enters onto or off the course using disinfectant soaked hay filled troughs and in addition tyres should be thoroughly sprayed with disinfectant as an extra precaution. The wheels of trollies and buggies should be similarly treated.


The MAFF helpline for all enquiries is 0845 050 4141



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