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"[Golfclub] is proud to announce it's commitment to helping to safeguard and enhance the natural environment. We recognise that respect for the environment goes hand in hand with human well being and sporting excellence. In golf, harmonious integration with nature and the wise use of natural resources are the proper goals of all responsible managers. Our policy has three tangible directions:

  1. Good housekeeping: to manage the course, clubhouse and ancillary facilities in ways to minimise the deleterious environmental impacts and the use of natural resources.
  2. Conservation of biodiversity: to maximise the ecological potential of the golf course.
  3. Communications and education: to ensure that our environmental attitude, policies and practices are accurately perceived by the public.

To implement these objectives, we will establish a "Committed to Green Team" to coordinate and manage the project. The first task of this group will be to undertake an Environmental Review to assess our current environmental performance and to identify potential conservation measures.

It is the Club's aim to achieve continual improvement in its environmental performance. Our goal is to enhance both the ecological value and the recreational enjoyment to be derived from this golf course, and to ensure that our commitment to responsible environmental management is recognised in the wider community. We believe golf can serve as a role model for environmental good practice. In this way [golfclub] is Committed to Green."

This is a general statement of principles, the following commitments could also be specified:

  • "A comprehensive Environmental Management Programme will be developed to address all aspects of golf course management, full account being taken of the needs of golfers, staff and other interested parties.
  • Management will conform to the most up to date guidelines available on Best Management Practice and wil comply with relevant local, national and European regulations.
  • All management personnel will be appropriately qualified and trained for the tasks they are required to perform and provision will be made for their continuing professional development.
  • Details of the Environmental Management Programme and specific actions undetaken will be regularly communciated to staff, officers, club members and visitors.
  • Progress in implementing the Environmental Management Programme will be monitored on a regular basis and fully reviewed every three years.
  • Confirmation of progress towards achieving environmental targets will be subject to independent verification."